Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Awesome Friend

Awesome friend asks:

My friend's boyfriend made an inappropriate comment to me on Facebook. Should I unfriend him?


I would love to know what this inappropriate comment was! Was he hitting on you? Did he tell you off? These things make a difference.

Either way, the solution is simple. Get his phone number and ask him to meet you for drinks sometime. If he agrees, flirt with him, convince him to sleep with you and video tape it. Do this repeatedly for about 6 months and then provide all the videotapes to said friend. She will greatly appreciate how much effort you put into proving to her how unworthy he is and you will quickly become her BEST friend.

Hey, you might want to go ahead and post these videos on the internet just so that he is exposed for being a slimeball. I'm sure no one will think badly of you.

Miss Advice