Friday, May 21, 2010

Weedy Wife

Weedy Wife asks:

Dear Miss Advice,

Since my husband lost his job last year, we have been struggling to get by. His friend, a questionable character, has offered him a job selling pot. I'm worried that he will get mixed up with the wrong crowd, and that our family might eventually be put in harms way if a deal goes bad. What should I do? Should I put my foot down and say he shouldn't sell? We could use the money, but I'm not sure that the risks are worth it.

Yours truly,

Weedy Wife


Think of it this way, it could be meth. And no one wants their house to blow up. I applaud your husband's willingness to provide for his family. He really seems to care about you guys and your well being. I hope he's a good salesman. Was his last job in the used car business? Tell him to google "pusher" and make sure he knows the best way to get his product out there. I suggest loitering outside of middle schools and high schools. He might also start up a cover business with a secret code for his pot.

Anyway, good luck to him- and to you- broken kneecaps can be quite painful and take awhile to heal.