Monday, August 24, 2009

Six Year Old Boy

Six year old boy asks:

Where do babies come from?


That is a very good question! There's this rumor going around that babies are made from men and women "hooking up" and some ridiculous egg and sperm mumbo jumbo, but that is a total myth!

Anyone who has half a brain knows that babies are made in a woman's tummy after she drinks too many margaritas. There is some chemical compound in the alcohol used for margaritas that once it hits a woman's stomach, the churning and whipping around creates a baby!

You might wonder why this doesn't work on men. First is that men tend to drink beer and not margaritas. So, over time evolution has not made those chemical reactions in men. Occasionally if enough generations of men in your family drink lots of margaritas, a man can get pregnant (google the pregnant man), but it is a rarity because "fruity drinks" are usually not enjoyed by most men.

I've been giving this same answer to people for years and I notice their quizzical looks, but feel pity for their lack of knowledge. My mom told me at a young age that I was conceived after a night of margaritas, so I've had the knowledge for YEARS.

So if you want to prevent pregnancy, don't drink margaritas!

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