Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surprisingly Insightful Child

Surprisingly Insightful Child asks (via his mother):

Does God lose his teeth?


What an interesting question! I asked God because for once, I didn't know the answer. He told me that the only time he loses his teeth is when the devil tempts him to eat Laffy Taffy. That is his one weakness. Otherwise, God is a big advocate of oral hygiene. He brushes his teeth 3 times a day with an Oral B electronic toothbrush. Plus, little known fact is that the reason he was mad at Adam & Eve for eating the apple from the forbidden tree is that those were HIS apples! God's mommy told him that an apple a day keeps the dentist away and so he did not want to share his apples. God avoids doctors and dentists like the plague.

Now, thanks to Johnny Appleseed, there are apple trees everywhere, so God doesn't mind sharing.

Miss Advice

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